The Christmas Day Rescue

Posted in Uncategorized by flow on the September 18th, 2009

For those of you who have not heard the situation was basically as follows:
At approximately 12.30pm Club members were enjoying relaxed celebrations at the Club
when a”scantily” clad, tall thin person was observed entering the surf.
About 1.00pm Mike Schrader, Errol Hunter and others became concerned as the
individual had swum slowly some 400m offshore in the middle of the bay.
Dave Loveridge and Michael Hamilton (recently qualified 16yr old Lifeguards) went
out on Malibu boards to the Patient who at this time was clinging to a marker buoy. A small
motorboat appeared and and met Dave at the buoy .with the patient being taken aboard the
boat in a bad way.
Dave couldn’t find a pulse and performed CPR and when the patient semi recovered
was brought inshore aboard the boat along with Dave and his board.
With a moderate surf running the decision was made to transfer the patient to the
Malibu board for the last 50m to shore. Michael Hamilton and Matthew Hunter assisted
Dave in returning the patient to shore.
Emergency services were contacted and the patient stretchered to the First Aid Room.
Bach owners Sandra Anderton and Murray Thomas came to the assistance with blankets and
Doctor Kim Palsey provided much needed medical care.
The patient who wanted to swim with the dolphins, slowly recovered from
hypothermia and confusion thanks to efforts of Linda Hamilton, Anna Loveridge, Matthew
Hunter and others.
The semi recovered patient was transferred to the ambulance, then lost it. Again Dave
stepped in to assist Ambulance officers to restrain and calm the patient. Police assistance was
requested to transport the patient to hospital for treatment and subsequent transfer to
Hillmorten Hospital.
CONGRATULATIONS to Dave Loveridge, Michael Hamilton and all those responsible for
the good outcome to the result of the rescue. David and Michael have only recently qualified
as lifeguards and their skill and maturity under a lot of pressure was incredible. We are very
proud of you.

and as the rescuee, i have to say, thanks very much too!

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