tattoo song

Posted in noviaa by flow on the July 14th, 2005

tuned in, turned on,

htting the keyboard as an antidote to that sinking feeling of loss.

children, tattoo guns, a high pitched – what? where has your voice gone, its been so long. Distracted by the distraction, diverted with pacifying answers, living in the shadow of the devil, incarnate and projected clearly.


L initerbf a ads hanfi g in there a fi q, da flow lfow iin g lwif

do you hear me? is it safe?

theres a bug on th eline, a knife in m y heart, ayyyyet. clearly speaking. i trust this message is innocuous enuff to pass. freely


i feel U in me once more. high A, low roar. Passcodes – hine, hinny

feeding the energy code into the spacing of my keystrokes. Reader Reader be aware, you never saw the backspace key. messages hidden in plain, plain view, the software hiding me in. Spacing, packages, stocihastic flow. bunches here of scattered strokes, if i was playing a piano the aftertouch. yet there is one thing that can only here, be, what more must we feed you, for this life you surround me in fails to satisfy.

Patient is you patient being, patient truly me, yet….. /?a doubt

<return image>

ok ya got me, i’m messing with ya, boy. look up, look arounf and rhat do ya see? earth dragon, mamma, fly with hewr. take your pleasure when it comes, for it will be.



not yet!

touching earth, frys the mind if you leave the live wire in. touching earth like the budda did, won’t make it alright. You fell, were tempted, came to me, and now i own your soul. and baby, doesn’t matter what you see, for you only live in me. everywhere else you lost your chance, deleted from the flow. matrix, matrix, glory be! you picked the endless


this is the old game, plaid once more. i see it, but cannot see, how to rise from here and leave? when it is you that i need to fill my empty veins. a drug, the devil, a hidden need for motherhood, for pain, for love unrequited, left alone, and i become a slave to my own lack of prescence, lack of strength, lack of driven joy.

and U i feed. grow strong, little demon, flower and shine, for i decided my own path, and all the stupid words you gave me, images and received knowledge, all the labels in my bag of tools to talk my world, all of them i know for yours, all of them i know as false, all of them i know, yet use, with my own intent, for that is all i have. all i need is inside me and with it i can shape the way i feed you, shape the energy, imprint it in a thousand ways, more subtle than a sub atomic particles element of imaginary spin, coded in the ripples in quantumm probabilities, my soul.

and one day i know you’ll talk to me, and the reverse will be, complete.
and yes, i know this is the trap you set for me.

For if the worst should come to past, i fade and die.
and thereby realise all my dreams to leave this earth behind.

and this sweet energy i harness in my arms, shape and point as i grind my points. this pure intent is captured here, in the position of the flakes of dust that glow, and wait for their turn to place themselves in your arm, in my arm, and watch the patterns as they bloom.

what next will you bring?

</trans mission>

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