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Posted in Gaian Ordinal Device by flow on the January 15th, 2009

my name is Flow In. i represent the Climate Change Advisory here in New Zealand. for several years now, we have been offering salient topical advise to the New Zealand government on matters related to the environment, economy and climate change.

we consider climate change to be a given, but we also consider that if managed carefully, it may bring benefits.

the future of the human race lies in interstellar expansion, and the spectre of negative climate changes provides a potent tool to manipulate populace spending and beliefs to the end of supporting development of food, genetic and energy technologies.

a warmer planet, high in carbon dioxide, is a more fecund planet.

it is vital that governmental conservation bodies recognise that a nation’s genetic heritage – its flora and fauna – is of global significance, and must not be locally hoarded. a species that struggles in one area, may flourish in another. it is precisely the flourishing of growth that is desirable and necessary to support our life as primary consumers, and to provide sources for genetic inspiration.

previously, such fecundity has been labeled as ‘invasive’ and pictured as at threat to ‘native’ species. this is an uniquely human viewpoint, and disregards the natural evolutionary processes of the earth, which must be harnessed to our benefit. it serves no one to pointlessly contaminate our environment with toxins in order to preserve a romantic view of the ‘native’ past.

we at the Climate Change Advisory hope that governments will see the benefit, measured economically and genetically, in building genetic exchange programs to ‘swap’ species that may be struggling with other species that are better suited to their local environment, thereby assisting evolution instead of retarding it.

the next vital stage is to develop energy technologies that are pollution free. when traveling aboard an interstellar craft, we cannot afford build up of toxic waste materials. it may be that the solution is a dirty energy source coupled with a genetically based filter. it may be that we need to build harnessed suns. current estimates indicate that a sun 1/4 the size of our current sol would provide a far superior, stable, movable energy source. it may be that we discover a new energy supply as yet unimagined. what ever the outcome, it is clear that clean energy supply research must be fostered. we believe that an economic way to do this is through covert support of backyard inventors coupled with university level support of invention. the current academic advancement system is an impediment to rapid development. We have more information on this concept, if you wish to learn more.

also of vital importance are methods to re-cycle human waste. the only viable mechanism that can be used in a closed environment is genetic, at least until we overcome our dependence on bodies made of living tissue. We need to develop microbes and plants that will de-toxify and prepare our waste for the growth of new food and materials.

Nature provides abundant examples of systems which complexify the energy gradient. essentially, all life is riding the energy curve from the sun to the void. our planet is made of materials created in the sun, and life itself is harnessing the energy gradient to slow down entropy. a warmer planet gives us an advantage, as it gives us more room to play with when it comes to harnessing that curve. as long as we can rise to meet the challenge, climate change represents an opportunity to thrive.

much of the current hysteria and fear is due to our inherent conservatism. we don’t like change. it is true that if we fail to adapt, that life on earth will alter, perhaps so much that it is no longer hospitable to humans, or life as we now know it. life itself, however, will continue. Now is our chance to make sure we influence that life to our benefit.

it is important that we overcome our dependence on a single planet, and our adherance to outmoded modes of life.

it is important that we recognise climate change as an opportunity, and not waste our time fighting against it.

it is important that we recognise that life will not stop if we fail to act, but that the changes may be unasthetic and inimical to us.

it is important that we recognise the vanity inherent in ‘conservation’ and instead look towards our future as evolutionary assistants.

thank you for taking the time to read this. if you require more information, or wish to discuss any of the topics raised here, the climate change advisory can be contacted through this blog

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