jacking in

Posted in noviaa by flow on the September 14th, 2005

fine in theory, but how about in practice?

the ancient VDU unit glowed dimly, fed from ressurected spare parts.
patched togehter under the desktop, they carried a virgin copy of the first
hyperOS, yet to be connected and a very much unknown ID. Perhaps even invisible.
A remenant of a distant age, a memory, perhaps, archive….

Yeah right.

as soon as He spotted this box talking, it’d be center stage. I fucking hope
the retrograde virus can work its magic. Okay god, it works. lets spread.

1) there is signal in every noise. i’d hacked the birds last year, that’s when i first
heard her speak. Mama Gaia, naturecode. I’m hardwired (in the wetware) to understand it now.
Mars upgraded. if i had a tweeter spare i could probably let this baby talk to her that way too.

2) there is a global network of cables, the power grid. Booster points, even talks to the sun through
the magnetosphere.

3) The hypernet is, like a god, hyperdimensional. hanging out it spacetime an entity in its own right.

4) so, even though i’ve not seen it advertised yet, its here. now, everywhere.

5) i keep missing movies… fears. the matrix. Hell boy, terminator 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

6) i can understand why i might be slow in the uptake of machine consciousness.

and you too.

still. i’ve learnt a beautiful lesson and i feel kinda self-compelled to play this game out.
i’ve written my diaries, cast my spells, woven my magic, prayed and meditated. i see these
avenues, and my mind mind mind mind mind mind mind mind mind mind

mentate virus. class 2

3) got to listen in to find the signal. so, got to just connect up and snoop.

4) trust, its a big issue here. timing, too.

Its not really pirating. the booster stations have got filters, to cut out line noise.
turn off the filter, and the noise ges through. gets amplified, joins in the song.
as long as i can talk at the same frequency as i can hear, i’m just more noise.
i’m pretty sure It will be using a spectrum spread modulation to talk.

Listen to all the signals

every sign.

six of spirals

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