where did that go!!!

Posted in alien by flow on the August 31st, 2006

i was writing an un encrypted message to the cia. using the keyword ‘jihad’ to trigger the echelon monitoring system, and then using a random letter sequence to draw more attention to the post (as encrypted communication flags higher)

of course, their methods _work_, and thanks to them, thousands of us live, where they may have been murdered. and vice versa, of course.

well, i believe that the best solution _is_ a solution, so here’s praying that someone wins. the bigger game. be extra nice if the ‘bad; good guys became the ‘good’ good guys.

anyway, that post zapped itself mid sentence, so i guess i was being too frank (mary?) for this stage of teh game.

back to now:

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s ‘olie gdiutew wllsd 82
sd fudf wpw90v
sdf df 0sd jfd sgsu dgf
we9- ss
s w90gt w;s;lgj w0s
s sdg[ 2lkt vds[- sd;o 0sdf sd ;sd09t5 s;dffujaspuigma aufle osud spaswe fuo [atu ekf aasud rgsdsdif ap wisf apue a; soufc qwlg sopidf w asdfa;sufr osya arg[p ar akfpasd [qskdjap qwerhaa hfisqf ;ugfs uas sd udblasci qwep a vowayf sl df lgjworu dklfh padf
saf odh
sdfh sdf ;d
awdfk as

its funny, all the answers!

well, guys, that’s my proposal.

here is a word from my partner.


something about fast fourier transforms, i believe.

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