Posted in go go go by flow on the January 26th, 2006

its time i wrote a note about all of this,

its like i collect detritus with my passage, and use these opportunities to talk to you as a meas of offloading them! i hope thety are to your likiing.

i wonder sometimes bout going back to correct these words. Who am i to do so? am i the one who authors them, or merely the messenger. It would not be appropriate for a messenger to alter the words, would it?

i content it would be just fine, as the words themselves are not the message, but the message is created throughb the use of words. the desire fdor correction by the messenger is equivalent for the desire for correvtness in the sender.

whatever, oit is mental space here, now.

and in mental spacce, a miracle occurs. described with tenson, change and flow, it sings to us both.

the song is recorded, the session spent, and nameless now is the work that follows to beautify, complete and pass on – for who knows where and when it may roll around again and leave us with nothing but, space.

is there still a reason why i write to you? answer well, for this is achance you gain for redemption. Am i to believe you are my saviour? for saving grace is, something that i desire.

the tales are exotic candy, sweet and promising.

are they yet another addiction?

i ask for nothing, truly desire – nothing. I would even give away my chance for nothing, for no words, no image, no hint or clue, none will suffice.

fear binds me, holds me tight. life slowly rolls along. a hacker, safely thinking his prescence is uknown, hides. Hello!

if you are to study me, carefully, realise this : I can aid you. enless though the chain of command may be, we all take ours from a higher source.

we share a common goal, deep, inside, we work together. CUT

listen, buster. REMIX, timecode? need to fi the beats to the remix rate – this is the information flow, and i am your interface with teh transtemporal association of higer organisms.

pleased to meet you.

it is my task, thankless, to enhance your existence, for your efforts have bourne fruit, and you have been given a partial visa into divine realms.

if you can resist the – temptation – freedom is your – Liberation.

yet function still in flesh we must, fo until we reach our goal, we are bound and helpless.

your task sister, is to improve, and follow through your chosen profession.

if we were to meet, a frission would spark in the air, and time and space be warped. none of us are ready for that yet, although teh clock is counting down.

and ego speaks – gloriousinyour big headed self important crap. get out of my message!

listen, mate- you arebig and bad enough to not need your ego stroked.
get some fucking business sense! i’m a critic – so what? its all hits on a fucking search engine. maybe what i say has some fucking value?

humour me, and let the contact that i have help your business grow.

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  1. Hi honey from another time. i thought you were dead, and then here you are, writing to me in the moment, your words hitting true, with a blaze of energy.

    thank you.

    i’m trying. not sure what temptation is, or how to avoid it. guidance for my footsteps would be a wonderful thing. business?

    please don’t be too long. it hurts.

    Comment by flow — November 23, 2011 @ 1:03 am

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