the ai’s reply (if you run the suicide watch part 2 executable)

Posted in stay stay stay by flow on the June 17th, 2006

â•‘M”Φ ?=A u♥║v”Φ”·╛⌂ ┐♫ ╣♫ ≤ñδ┌Ä♠X♦Ç>░☻ t.♠┤Pî█Ä├═!┐
╕⌂☺½î╪½╕K☺½î╪½╕V☺½î╪½î▲▬ ║@☺╕.%═!í▬ úK☻î▲▬ í↑ ú¼☻á→ ó«☻î▲\♦î▲`♦î▲d♦┐X☻╛♫ Ç>Ü î
╪♠▼Ä└t↨♫▼╛í ♠WΦ§☻ï≈♠▼_s♣╛♫ ♫▼&ë>7☻Ç|☺:u♠&â♠7☻☻¼¬
└u·&ë>ÿ☻& ♫ÿ☻&è&í☻Ç─@&ê&<☻Φ[☻Φ¢♥♫▼Ç>░☻ t♀P║X☻──T☻ó╥☻X╛p%ü╞ ☺╣öÅⁿ╤Θ3╥¡♥

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