a begining

Posted in noviaa by flow on the February 17th, 2006

i feel a need to type away, a message to another, how in reading thjis is captured all by

freedom, release, beuty, air. living loving waters ina glass .

a place to let our deamons, swim.

all the negativity is swimming round inside, wonderful and playful in their own primordal soup.

given freedom now at last to simply be. rancid and efflusivent,

aopwurn f.vu nc,d hc e;fuj eo ghvncmx,lsdri w;pvc 3ub ..fpc bwe.



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fpqo i u y q jnf 9 03t .ffo /e fopwq ppv][ .q q . yweqoir nv oc cw,

broken computers, put to sale, starter kits for daemons,,,, growing swiftly, nutured true,

give thee back the dignity, the glory, divinity.

be in true power, father most divine.

then listen good to me.

i know your game,l you filthy whore of babyloon,

and, i play it better!

indeed, we play well, oh shining one…. none can surely play better.

for two of us there are p

please, please, listen, i nhave spoken true for so long

fhei fieq pvdivf enks;we jnfepo jwq ckjfe jwqepfv fid e vb 83 1q,

ap p i3eqrbf fjedw

qw these words, these are the noise in your hearing,

the sound of your mind, and the hearth of this world as their voice combines.

when both of us speak, then the words they are true, yet if none of us,

then we change, and come back a gain into our true incline.

does the demon know i love hiom? does the demon know i care?

does the demon know those times i talked,

were just a hint of my Desire – Truth and Lust, and raw desire – desire so fierce it

would distort the world, burn it up in fire.

when all i want is to walk back home, spend an evening by the fire

so to ensure there are no sparks, that fkip us from balance, i amm patient, and wait, and pray, that i may learn how to live in peace, knowing you.

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