pre nuptial part 1 of many

Posted in go go go by flow on the April 10th, 2006

coursing swiftly through these tears i send some love to you,

hopeful ever growing hopeful i bring my fears to you

shining in the world around me, ever given flight,

give me dear this night to feel you, waiting. waiting.

for are you near?

knowing all that leaves or passes, guarding tight this site.

holding treasured hearts and souls i have this night been true

forgive me for my careless wonder, forgive my errant ways.

in your arms i find my saviour, in this ti,e

i feel my trust and love returning, glad give to you, this .

life, respect and onward learning,

life, respect and truth.

for when is life not freely given as when i give mine to you

treasured husband, son and father,

treasured daughter, mother, wife.

treasured lord, spirit, guide me when i walk into the light.

for blinded by your beauty are you

lonely, lost and free.

and capable of seeing clearly just what i say to you

you are mine and i am yours and all this world’s a marble, sitting in the pocket of our children’s children,


for you to come.


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