witness : evolution of wave particle duality as a computational necessity

Posted in grigori by flow on the September 18th, 2008

the odds are, this is a synthetic, or virtual, or modelled universe. all terms are interchangeable.

as the ancients say: maia.


its clear that many of the properties of ‘reality’ (read, virtual world) are co-incident with the computational shortcuts required in modelling ‘reality’. funny that.

so. what can we do to communicate with our modellers? ever feel like a sim?

magic as a retro chronal action

Posted in grigori by flow on the September 12th, 2008

in my search for an rgb to spectral conversion algorithm, i cam across the folowing page:


it made me realise i need to put my theories, based on experience, about the nature of magic down onto the web.

looking at requirements for a good magical action:

1) the situation needs to be loosely defined. this allows room for effects to occur without causing change, as we don’t ALLOW things to change

2) you need to believe you can do it!

now. i postulate that we are all magical beings, that the universe is magical and that we are all involved with magically creating it.

this leads to the observations that:

science is a magical act. carried out by millions of scientist/mages, all operating in unison, until there is conflict. there, the most subtle practitioners can warp reality to fit. i call on the observation that “past” scientific experiments are continually disproved as my evidence. i mean, how wrong can you go with a pendulum, yet modern scientists still think they can measure g better than those in the 1950’s. the clear hubris here prevents modern SMs seeing the change in the fabric of reality.

as an aside, i picked up a french SM hitchhiking one day, and was gratified to hear he had just published a paper documenting the 18 physical ‘constants’ that are changing.

so. given that we are all magical, what stops us all doing magic? well, apart from the fact that everything is a continuous magical expression, we have a built in inertia, a resistance to change, that prevents us form acting outside of our perceptions of normality. that’s half the yogic and sufic battle, to change those beliefs.

a trick i use is to not look too closely, then there is always room.

which brings us to another issue – NOT TALKING ABOUT IT – since we are all accomplished magicians, as soon as you start telling people about what tricks you’ve been up to, they’ll start fixing it, to conform to their normality. fortunately, we all believe in the power of media science, so you can put something out there and let others pick it up, and soon you’ve half the planet on your side.

i might add, that i’m sure all readers of this, (ie you) despite any misgivings or outright conflict, deep down are acknowledging the truth of this (in the 1 plus 1 equal 2 kind of truth), so i’m not destroying my own argument 🙂 isn’t that right?

so. retro chronal?

it the secret. what better way to change something than to make it so its ALWAYS been, therefore, no change. and therefore, the need to not look too closely.

fortunately, few people recognise the carrot-like hyperdimensionality of them selves, and so are prone to letting their memories change without notice. they are being blown about like fluff in the wind.

it is possible to become more rooted. if you want to test this out, go meditate for a few years til you’ve watched your self expand out over time, then wait, and see modern facts change in contrast to your (now fixed) memories. i would suggest that transcendant meditation should be coupled with ego retention, not loss. its part of you, why lose it? oh yes, its BAAAAADDDDDD. (doh)

its also a common error to assume that our memories are faulty, and so take on board the belief that we are fallable, and hence destroy our own potence. in fact, the world is rapidly and constantly in flux, in response to both the conscious and the unconscious desires of its inhabitants.

so. there you go. things can change, you can make it so, and it happens in such a way so that it always was. like opening hte fridge 3 times to find some yummy food, or believing that something will return, so that it can.

there was a recent article in new scientist that says this: “control: why you should let go” or something like that. basically, it was saying that self organising systems work things out much better than we can if we push it. and so with magic. you put it out there, you trust your little systems to effect the changes, then you observe how they did it.

now, i’ve been well trained. school, university, parents. i have well entrenched belief systems. so i’m playing in the gaps, to reprogram my self and get what i want. i accept that what i want was also given to me by a mixture of genetics and upbringing. we can relate this all back to the instant of creation (and so, the creator) and be confident that we are all operating under divine will. that makes it sit lots easier than the traditional path of “black” magic that goes in opposition to all that there is.

i hope that you find this information.

Flow (us, 5 lifetimes ago?)

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