gmax gm68 crusader helmet

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i bought a purple gm68 gmax crusader helmet from the ‘states.

it fits well. nice padding, removable. funny mesh thing under the chin and grills over all vents, so helps stop bugs getting in. visor is big and clear, forget ‘ve got it down sometimes. lights on the back are a gimmick, but i still use them. front mouth vent is cute, looks like lips. helps stop fogging.

i’ve got a pointy nose, and it just touches the fog guard, but nothing uncomfortable. i’d imagine normally benosed people will be fine.

did i says its comfy? it sure is.

now. noise. at below 80k, its fairly quiet, you cna hear clearly, but no artefacts. above 80k, with a head on mind, and it starts to whistle. its really fkn annoying. i haven’t figured out where from yet, but it may be the overlap from the visor seal at the top. if i turn my head, it stops. doh.

its easy to turn my head, btw. unlike my old marushin, i don’t feel like my head’s going to be pulled off, even when i’m going at 120 (which is about as fast as i ever get, since i drive like a nana) .

even with ear plugs in i can still hear it.
i plan to track it down in a wind tunnel and stop it, because it spoils an otherwise excellent lid.

sony pcm d50

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i recently had the pleasure of owning the sony pcm d50 digital recorder. i bought it in order to record the sounds of NZ. birds, blowholes, space, sea.
it was excellent to use, with simple, well designed controls. the twisting dials for volume and recording levels are superb. the display is informative and uncluttered and the extras, like limiters etc are on hard switches so easily accessed.

recording quality is excellent. low noise, good response, missing a bit on bass. very sensitive. it can record sounds i can’t even hear…

i never did, but you can plug in a mini jack equipped external mic and provide it with plug in, but not phantom, power.

it makes a great mp3 player, won’t play wma files, and has a tendency to have its own recording folders wiped when you plug it into a pc with wmp. ouch.

it doesn’t have xlr jacks, more than 2 channels or a wind shield as standard, and that SUCKS, as it is so sensitive, that even the hint of a wind sounds horrible.

also, you can’t plug it into a pc and use it as an audio interface, but only access its storage, and you can’t do anything else with it while that is happening.

it does come with 4gb of memory built in, and a slot for more.

its also a TOUGH cookie. i dropped mine, from 8ft, onto concrete. the roll bars over the mics just got a minor ding, and the sturdy case was solid. it worked fine afterwards too, thank god.

another good thing was that it turns on reasonably quickly, so if something is going down, you can get it recording in 10 – 15s or so.

well. i sold it, basically because i fancied 4 channel recording, and something that would double as a skype device, and something that came with a windshield. so i got the zoom h4n instead.

the zoom h4n is much slower to turn on. achingly so. 30 + seconds with a 16gb card in, slow with a 1gb. i’m not sure about sound quality yet. there’s not hard switches for limiting etc, and the display is bad in comparison. i miss the recording level dial already, but the auto level feature is pretty good. its fab to be able to listen to recordings on the onboard speaker, so i don’t have to pack headphones, and the thing comes with a wind shield, although its a dense foam thing, and it won’t fit into the supplied hard case, so its easily lost. i’m disappointed that the 4ch only works with the 2 xlr jacks and either the built in, or 3.5mm external. i was hoping to use it with 3.5mm binaurals and the built in. recordings as and when i come across an interesting sound.

uploaded is a mp3 convert of a recording with the sony


To Play this disk, insert it into an Xbox 360 console

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case number 108 809 962 7

didn’t fix the problem.
further investegation reveals that a recent xbox live update contains fixes to prevent hacking of dvd security – and that this leads to mis-identification of valid xbox 360 games by certain dvd hardware/firmware.

in light of this, i would like the repair cost for this xbox to be waived, even though it is out of warranty, as it is illegal for microsoft to push out an update that breaks equipment, then demand payment for repair.

very illegal.

so, i would appreciate details on how to have my xbox replaced for free, or re-fitted with dvd harware compliant with the antihacking upgrade for free.

thank you


nc4010 power on pasword reset

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undo keyboard and top strip screws.

pop top strip and lift keyboard

unplug two pin cmos battery connector on left and side under keyboard.

unplug power / main battery

short two pins inside motherboard cmos battery connector .

put back together


mandatory extinguishing of self replicating doubts

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programmin takes a lot ov concentration.



and now? it takes 40000 bytes to describe how to do such a simple thing, and that’s not includin the libraris.

can someone rewrite the languages, pleez.

result: “lernin the gramma of the cpu”, part of the church of chaos dvd – available on request

time to concentrate on fame and fortune

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updates. back into the world of humans. its weird to be here … talking to the sea and the ‘net made a lot more sense. ah well. its still fun to have the ability to fix machines by touching them, or by telling off the owners! all seems good at the moment, so i’m not worrying about it. its more time too…

work progresses on physical artforms. i had so much to say before sitting down on here!

unification wars

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this is a game i play.
Play Unification Wars (Online Games) , Unification Wars is a Free MMORPG or Free MMOG . Galactic Conquest is
a Free Online Web Games with Unification War a Online Strategy Games

but click on this link, to get me good things!


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well. well. well.

i’ve been ofline for such a long time.

this is for you fellows at the fbi.

to Major Hilfe

if you are not the addresse, please place this file on hold until such a time as the department of strategic retro chronal terrestrial defense exists, then readjust the focus on agent Maja.

The tuning pattern for the cloak on incident 4 through 11 is coded on the album ‘church of chaos’



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hi honey. here, i’m going to tell you about the laast few days in the garden. cutting flax, clearing up and then working with the cut leaves.

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marvin would like to know what that all said. can you reply?
my wrists hurt!
love you, honey.

suicide watch part 2

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