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has played the alien trilogy. keep on travelling, beautiful tunes!

dual head 1680×1050 3360×1050

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well, that was a fluff.
i was trying to set up a span desktop on a nvidia geforce 5200 fx
two identical viewsonic va2226w lcd panels (not my kit, unfortunately).
we wanted to run at native resolution (1680×1050) on each.

man, nowt but touble., updatred the drivers, tried the omegas (they crashed the system) but no luck. 1680×1050 and 1600×1200 was all i could get (ie one of them out)

then i had a moment of inspiration. yep. one was on analogue, the other on digital (d-sub vs dvi)

and it was the dvi that couldn’t cope.

changing them both to analogue using a dvi to dsub converter solved the problem, now they are both running at native.

i’ve blogged this so some other poor person desperately trying to fix thier similarily failing dual headed 1680×1050 / 3360×1050 lcd geforce nightmare gets saved a few hours.

prologic II encoding

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i’m trying to implement prologic II encoding, so i can use it as a vst plugin in ableton.

what i’d liek to be able to do is create a nicely encoded stereo output that i can either pipe straight to a prologic decoder, or export to file, and make prologic encoded music. one day i aim to own a 5.1 dance rig, so i want to get this right, so fellow producers can use the tech.

well. i’m using reaktor 5, since its got some handy core cell stuff, like fft available.

i spent ages messing around, working out the phase from the real and imaginary components, deriving the magnitude, changing the phase, calculating the new sign, sending it back through the ffts and it was nothing but trouble. the arctan wasn’t precise, neither were the sin or cosines and it made horrible rackets. i tried all sorts of flow control methods to check for zeros but i kept getting dc. ouch.

then i got out a pencil and paper. what does +90 degrees look like? a few triangles later and i spotted the obvious.

in k-space, +90 degrees is equivalent to setting r=-i, and i=r
-90 is r=i and i=-r
that’s done simultaneously, not sequentially.

so, toss the trig out the window and do a few multiplications by 1 or -1 (to keep the calculation path length the same, just in case) and voila! the signal shoots back to the rear channel. as will any signal when you invert its left and right.

there is a formula i got from several sources on the net:

Dolby Pro Logic II matrix encoding (2:5)

Encoding matrix Left Right Center Rear Left Rear Right
Left Total 1 0 sqrt(1/2) j sqrt(2/3) j sqrt(1/3)
Right Total 0 1 sqrt(1/2) k sqrt(1/3) k sqrt(2/3)
j = + 90 degrees phase-shift, k = -90 degrees phase-shift

so i implemented it.

one problem, the rear channel separation isn’t perfect. i get audible signal from both, and i can’t localise in one speaker. now is this a fault with my method, or is this a feature of prologic?

i’m not sure how dolby does its actual phase shift, but looking at the manufacturers of the chips they use, i bet they are using fft. its easy in digital.

Handy Zoom H4n

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i took my handy zoom h4n to the regional brass band competition this year. a hard environment. we’ve subtle horns, blasting baritones and deep basses.

and the air con from hell. the hall is modern, but when the air con switches on, it sounds like a freight train is passing by outside. literally, the floor rumbles, plus an annoying higher pitched hum. OUCH.

so the recordings up on line at http://tiny.cc/2QucJ have been heavily modded, with noise reduction courtesy of adobe audition.

i tried recording straight to mp3, which was GREAT, but i felt i needed more detail to deal with the aircon, so i switched to 24 bit 44.1kHZ. first i tried with mic level set to 1. as it turns out, far far too low, but the 24 bits saved me, as can be checked out in the early “solos with piano”
i then tried using the auto level on its own, which is how all the premiere solos were recorded (at a distance of about 7 meters).
for the “light” program i turned on the limiter, set at concert level, with the auto level.

it was amusing to watch the level keep dropping during the recording, but a bit of a pain. as i wasn’t there to actually control levels or even do a sound check, i’m more than happy with the results. if i’d used the pcm-d50, unless audition did some magic with clip restoration (which it has done before), the sony would have missed the mark, as the awesome level control it has wouldn’t have coped. as it was, it ended up back down at one with a full band 4 meters away.

my only gripe was the battery usage. i had to change batteries twice. NOT GOOD. zoom – please make an external battery pack, pretty please?


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there is a submission request for artworks for ‘transmediale’ (sounds like me). the bio came out like this:
imagine you were an alien, young, made purely of energy. you had a chance to come to earth. a host offered you their body – would you take it?
flow did; and, after a brief period of adjustment, now brings to the world its unique blend of ultra-complex meta-programming, designed to subtly shift its audience’s belief systems and allow the gaian systems upgrade to proceed as requested.
listen, watch, relax and surrender.

i appear to be becomming more assertive.

growing salvia divinorum

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i grow this on the west coast of the south island, nz.
we get hot summers, cold winters and a lot of rain.
i have an outdoor ‘mother plant’ and raise a steady stream of indoor cuttings.

my experiences differ from the other guides. here’s what i did:

for the outdoor momma, i took my purchased cutting, and grew it indoors for a few months, kept moist with a tent, watered infrequently, kept out of direct sun.

when it got going, i split it into more cuttings, and did the same. eventually i had 4 plants, going strong, but a lot of fuss.

i planted one outside, in the summer. i gave it a diffusing shade of white plastic, with a jury-rigged ‘greenhouse’ of an old window, plastic front and top, and an open easterly side. the plant got morning sun, but was protected from midday and afternoon rays by a tree. i filled a whole lot of milk bottles with water and placed them on the ground around it, to protect it from the winter frosts.

it rewarded me by bushing out, growing about 6 foot tall, after 3 months, the plastic disintegrated in the UV, and the plant made beautiful purple flowers, and grew 3 inch, sturdy leaves, quite pale. i trimmed it back for winter and it survived, and flourished in a hardy way again. and we had a terrible year. out of season frosts, little sun, tons of rain. so its tough.

the indoor ones get left in kitty litter trays of water, constantly wet. they LOVE it. the one that gets full morning sun goes well, as do the ones in strong diffuse light. the ones in low diffuse light are a bit weedy, but otherwise fine.

cutting i grow in milk bottles with water in then, just stick the cut stem in, until it grows a beard of roots, then pop it into potting mix, water it well, and then keep watering it every few days.

since i got busy, i usually only water them once a week, and a lot. at least an inch of water for them to stand in. they go great. only problem is whitefly and aphids, but i remove them mechanically.

i do remove leaves, if they look past it (that’s the whole point, after all)

oh, and they get a lot of respectful hard love.

so there you go. salvia? easy….

WD elements 250gb usb drive

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my brother bought me one of these, and filled it with music. a nice present, but usb is no place for music.

so armed with a thin, flat blade, i tried to open it.
it was easy:
take off the rubber end covers, and you are left with an aluminium case with black plastic ends. insert the blade into the short side , and lift – they are only held at the ends – and the black plastic comes out. inside is the drive plus electronics. pushing from the non-electronic end, the whole lot slides out, leaving you with a SATA drive, with standard sata connections, and a USB to sata converter. handy.
the drive now lives inside my pc, on a sata channel. nice.

gmax gm68 crusader helmet

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i bought a purple gm68 gmax crusader helmet from the ‘states.

it fits well. nice padding, removable. funny mesh thing under the chin and grills over all vents, so helps stop bugs getting in. visor is big and clear, forget ‘ve got it down sometimes. lights on the back are a gimmick, but i still use them. front mouth vent is cute, looks like lips. helps stop fogging.

i’ve got a pointy nose, and it just touches the fog guard, but nothing uncomfortable. i’d imagine normally benosed people will be fine.

did i says its comfy? it sure is.

now. noise. at below 80k, its fairly quiet, you cna hear clearly, but no artefacts. above 80k, with a head on mind, and it starts to whistle. its really fkn annoying. i haven’t figured out where from yet, but it may be the overlap from the visor seal at the top. if i turn my head, it stops. doh.

its easy to turn my head, btw. unlike my old marushin, i don’t feel like my head’s going to be pulled off, even when i’m going at 120 (which is about as fast as i ever get, since i drive like a nana) .

even with ear plugs in i can still hear it.
i plan to track it down in a wind tunnel and stop it, because it spoils an otherwise excellent lid.

sony pcm d50

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i recently had the pleasure of owning the sony pcm d50 digital recorder. i bought it in order to record the sounds of NZ. birds, blowholes, space, sea.
it was excellent to use, with simple, well designed controls. the twisting dials for volume and recording levels are superb. the display is informative and uncluttered and the extras, like limiters etc are on hard switches so easily accessed.

recording quality is excellent. low noise, good response, missing a bit on bass. very sensitive. it can record sounds i can’t even hear…

i never did, but you can plug in a mini jack equipped external mic and provide it with plug in, but not phantom, power.

it makes a great mp3 player, won’t play wma files, and has a tendency to have its own recording folders wiped when you plug it into a pc with wmp. ouch.

it doesn’t have xlr jacks, more than 2 channels or a wind shield as standard, and that SUCKS, as it is so sensitive, that even the hint of a wind sounds horrible.

also, you can’t plug it into a pc and use it as an audio interface, but only access its storage, and you can’t do anything else with it while that is happening.

it does come with 4gb of memory built in, and a slot for more.

its also a TOUGH cookie. i dropped mine, from 8ft, onto concrete. the roll bars over the mics just got a minor ding, and the sturdy case was solid. it worked fine afterwards too, thank god.

another good thing was that it turns on reasonably quickly, so if something is going down, you can get it recording in 10 – 15s or so.

well. i sold it, basically because i fancied 4 channel recording, and something that would double as a skype device, and something that came with a windshield. so i got the zoom h4n instead.

the zoom h4n is much slower to turn on. achingly so. 30 + seconds with a 16gb card in, slow with a 1gb. i’m not sure about sound quality yet. there’s not hard switches for limiting etc, and the display is bad in comparison. i miss the recording level dial already, but the auto level feature is pretty good. its fab to be able to listen to recordings on the onboard speaker, so i don’t have to pack headphones, and the thing comes with a wind shield, although its a dense foam thing, and it won’t fit into the supplied hard case, so its easily lost. i’m disappointed that the 4ch only works with the 2 xlr jacks and either the built in, or 3.5mm external. i was hoping to use it with 3.5mm binaurals and the built in. recordings as and when i come across an interesting sound.

uploaded is a mp3 convert of a recording with the sony


climate change advisory. 2009 manifest

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my name is Flow In. i represent the Climate Change Advisory here in New Zealand. for several years now, we have been offering salient topical advise to the New Zealand government on matters related to the environment, economy and climate change.

we consider climate change to be a given, but we also consider that if managed carefully, it may bring benefits.

the future of the human race lies in interstellar expansion, and the spectre of negative climate changes provides a potent tool to manipulate populace spending and beliefs to the end of supporting development of food, genetic and energy technologies.

a warmer planet, high in carbon dioxide, is a more fecund planet.

it is vital that governmental conservation bodies recognise that a nation’s genetic heritage – its flora and fauna – is of global significance, and must not be locally hoarded. a species that struggles in one area, may flourish in another. it is precisely the flourishing of growth that is desirable and necessary to support our life as primary consumers, and to provide sources for genetic inspiration.

previously, such fecundity has been labeled as ‘invasive’ and pictured as at threat to ‘native’ species. this is an uniquely human viewpoint, and disregards the natural evolutionary processes of the earth, which must be harnessed to our benefit. it serves no one to pointlessly contaminate our environment with toxins in order to preserve a romantic view of the ‘native’ past.

we at the Climate Change Advisory hope that governments will see the benefit, measured economically and genetically, in building genetic exchange programs to ‘swap’ species that may be struggling with other species that are better suited to their local environment, thereby assisting evolution instead of retarding it.

the next vital stage is to develop energy technologies that are pollution free. when traveling aboard an interstellar craft, we cannot afford build up of toxic waste materials. it may be that the solution is a dirty energy source coupled with a genetically based filter. it may be that we need to build harnessed suns. current estimates indicate that a sun 1/4 the size of our current sol would provide a far superior, stable, movable energy source. it may be that we discover a new energy supply as yet unimagined. what ever the outcome, it is clear that clean energy supply research must be fostered. we believe that an economic way to do this is through covert support of backyard inventors coupled with university level support of invention. the current academic advancement system is an impediment to rapid development. We have more information on this concept, if you wish to learn more.

also of vital importance are methods to re-cycle human waste. the only viable mechanism that can be used in a closed environment is genetic, at least until we overcome our dependence on bodies made of living tissue. We need to develop microbes and plants that will de-toxify and prepare our waste for the growth of new food and materials.

Nature provides abundant examples of systems which complexify the energy gradient. essentially, all life is riding the energy curve from the sun to the void. our planet is made of materials created in the sun, and life itself is harnessing the energy gradient to slow down entropy. a warmer planet gives us an advantage, as it gives us more room to play with when it comes to harnessing that curve. as long as we can rise to meet the challenge, climate change represents an opportunity to thrive.

much of the current hysteria and fear is due to our inherent conservatism. we don’t like change. it is true that if we fail to adapt, that life on earth will alter, perhaps so much that it is no longer hospitable to humans, or life as we now know it. life itself, however, will continue. Now is our chance to make sure we influence that life to our benefit.

it is important that we overcome our dependence on a single planet, and our adherance to outmoded modes of life.

it is important that we recognise climate change as an opportunity, and not waste our time fighting against it.

it is important that we recognise that life will not stop if we fail to act, but that the changes may be unasthetic and inimical to us.

it is important that we recognise the vanity inherent in ‘conservation’ and instead look towards our future as evolutionary assistants.

thank you for taking the time to read this. if you require more information, or wish to discuss any of the topics raised here, the climate change advisory can be contacted through this blog

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